What's the story of Centre Zenith ?

Centre Zenith is a French language learning institute offering quality French language classes to the expat community of Paris, and France. It is registered with the ministry of higher education as an Institute of higher education.

We started our journey in October 2018 in the 20th district of Paris, and moved to a suburb close to La Defense in the summer of 2020. 

Our strive for excellence in everything we do, the quality of our teachers, our student friendly environement, our affordable fees and small size of our group classes etc have given us the excellent reputation that we have today and compared with the best of Paris despite being a relatively new school.

We do another thing. Our French language teachers, though native, can all speak in English with reasonable fluency. Our teachers also do not hesitate to explain parts of classes in English, when necessary. This is especially true in the lower levels. This is done here to ensure a smooth teacher - student interaction during and after the class.

The founder of this school, himself an expat in Paris found the traditonal way of teaching where nothing but French is used, even at the most elementary levels, difficult to cope with and discouraging as a beginner. The decision to include English as a medium of teaching when necessary, came from those early experiences.

Our French language classes are conducted during the evening hours, from 7pm to 9pm, from Monday to Friday, and from 10am to 1pm, on Saturdays. The Saturday afternoons are dedicated for fun workshops on French culture, society and history.