The Diploma in French Language for Higher Studies (DiFLHiS) is a special program designed by Centre Zenith as a foundation course to help students from non-French speaking countries acquire the academic skills necessary to succeed in the French education environment and to learn French up to the level required for studying at French universities (B2 level).




PREPARE FOR FRENCH UNIVERSITIES : Over the course of one year, international students will develop and refine the academic skills necessary to succeed in the French education system. They will learn French up to the level required for admission to a French university and will take the DCL/DELF test for the B2 level. By the end of the program, students will be prepared to pursue higher studies at a French university and will have achieved the fluency necessary to succeed in their studies.


SOCIO-PROFESSIONAL ADVANTAGES IN FRANCE : Additionally, Our foundation program will equip students with the skills necessary to integrate into French social life more smoothly and to find part-time employment more easily. Upon completion of the program, students will have a distinct advantage over other international students from non-French speaking countries when seeking internships or jobs.


REDUCE YOUR STUDY COSTS IN FRANCE : Additionally, our foundation program will significantly reduce the cost of studying in France for students from non-French speaking countries. Currently, the only option for English-speaking individuals to study in France is to enroll in English-taught programs, which can be costly with fees starting at 12,000-13,000 euros per year and exceeding 40,000 euros.


However, with our foundation program, students will only pay 6,000 euros for the first year and can then pursue a university degree with annual fees as low as 300 euros per year. Furthermore, they may also have the opportunity to participate in a work-study program, known as Alternance, where they can earn a salary while studying  once they are comfortable with French from the second year.


PART-TIME JOBS FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS : For our international student foundation program, we aim to assist our students in finding part-time jobs. We are currently working on this and will provide further updates in the coming weeks in this page.


FOR OUR EUROPEAN STUDENTS : If you're a European student, you can attend our program while living as a demi pair. Visit this page to learn more about how you can immerse yourself in French language and culture while living with a French family and pursuing your academic goals.




The program is 600 hours long and will take place over 40 weeks starting in Septembre 2022. Classes will be held for 15 hours per week, from Monday to Friday, with 3 hours of class per day. There will be two holiday breaks: a 2-week break during Christmas and New Year's, and a 1-week break during Ascension. Each class will consist of 10 to 12 students.


Attendance and punctuality will be important. In addition to receiving a DiFLHiS certificate upon completion of the program, students who successfully pass the exam will also receive a DCL/DELF B2 certificate by the end of the year.




To enroll in this program, please fill out our enrollment form. After reviewing your application, we may (or may not) contact you for an interview. If your application is approved, you will be asked to make a down payment towards the tuition fees.


VISA APPLICATION: Once you have received our Attestation d'inscription following the payment of fees, you can apply for your visa, if you need a student visa to come to France.