Teachers are the heart of any educational institution. For this reason we invest a lot of energy and give a lot of attention while choosing our teachers. We know that to become the best school of France, we have no other choice but to bring in teachers who are second to none. 

For our French language teachers, we look for the following details :

1. Native teachers: We believe that language is more than just grammar that we learn in a school, but a culture and a way of thinking. We believe that culture is transmitted from one generation to another through intrafamilial discussions and we want to give that first hand to out students. We want our French language students to be able to learn and adapt those cultural aspects. 

2. English speakers: We believe that beginners need to be addressed and explained in a language they understand. As our school is addressing the English speaking expatraite and student community of Paris, it is important for us that all our teachers can communicate in English. We do not look for perfect English speakers, that is not a requirement as they won't be teaching English. However, it is important for us that they are able to explain our classes to the beginners in English.

3. Academic degree: We believe that teaching is serious profession and studying on this followed by a degree is fundamental for the making of a great teacher. All our teachers have a master degree in French language or equivalent.

4. Experience: Last but not the least, we believe that teachers grow more mature and efficient as they get more and more experience. The minimum requirement of experience for joining Centre Zenith as a French language teacher is 3 years, though most of our teachers have around 10 years of teaching experience.

To see the list of our French teachers, please visit our French language school team page.