A new French government rule stipulate that one needs to have an identité numerique or a digital ID in order to have access to training programs using the CPF credits.

There are two ways to get that digital ID done, depending on your case.

1. If you have a titre de sejour with a validity less than 5 years. For many expats, who are working with a card of 4 years (or less), this will be the case.

2. If you have a titre de séjour with a validity of more than 5 years. This is the case of those who are living here with a card of 10 years.

Case I : With a titre de séjour of less than 5 years

You need to fill up this form by Mon Compte Formation. Once you have filled up this form, please send this form to the following address, along with a copy of your titre de séjour and carte vitale.

Service de demande de vérification d’identité
Libre Réponse 78788

While filling up the form, when you will find the checkboxes, you need to cross on option 2, which states that you have a card with a validity of less than 5 years.

What's next

A few days after sending this letter, you will receive a registered letter, which will validate your identity. Soon after, in the next few days, you will receive an email, and then you can start using your CPF credits.

At times, people do not receive the email, and the access is still open after a few days after receiving the registered letter. For this, you will have to login through this interface.

Case II : With a titre de sejour of more than 5 years

You can follow steps detailed at the website of La Poste. You will get an SMS with a code d'activation number. You have to visit a post office with that SMS and your titre de sejour in case you have given the number of your titre de sejour while filling up forms at the website of La Poste. 

Also, you cannot go to any post office of your choice, but to a post office which you have chosen from a proposed list of centres. This is because, the identity validation is not possible in all post offices.

In case you are an European and thus don't have a titre de séjour

Follow the same steps as in Case I, and then choose option #5 in the check boxes while filling up the form.

The La Poste application

You will also need to download the La Poste application through this link. Every time you will connect the Mon Compte Formation website thereafter, you will receive a message to this application, to verify that the connection request was sent by you.